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Jun 11, 2024

ALAN - Artificial Light At Night - is surging. Light pollution disrupts health for humans and wildlife, wastes energy and money, and blocks out awe-some Universe views. How to flip the switch on this issue? Dark knights arose in 1988 to challenge and turn this offense to Quality of Earth Life.


Today the International Dark Sky Association mobilizes over 193,000 members and supporters through 70+ chapters in 24 countries, who educate and advocate for protecting and restoring nighttime darkness. Dark Sky Missouri is the IDA chapter formed in 2018. Earthworms welcomes chapter founder and former chair Don Ficken, a retired business person, amateur astronomer and ardent nocturnal darkness champion.   

Dark Sky MO operates state-wide to measure and report night sky   light levels, build awareness, and grow support for light pollution controls, with the public and policy-makers. Lights Out Heartland, one key initiative specific to our region, works to protect migrating birds in ecologically critical months of May and September. 


Why should we care about night-light issues? How can we have  outdoor lighting that's responsible, healthy, functional and beautiful? You tell it, Don Ficken!

THANKS to Sasha Hay, Earthworms audio engineer and to KDHX Production Pro, Jon Valley.

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