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Oct 2, 2018

What's possible when we humans talk to each other? Brian Ettling believes a talk can turn the tide of harmful changes to Earth's climate. He's been acting on this conviction since 2012, when he joined the Climate Leaders Network, and became an active force in the Citizens' Climate Lobby.

Brian returns to Earthworms with an update on his interactions with legislators and fellow citizens - and an emphasis on key solutions each of us has the power to achieve:

  • Communicate with elected leaders about climate issues
  • Get involved with a group to "make your voice louder"
  • Invest in clean energy and energy efficiency in your life
  • Vote!

Coming to St. Louis October 17 - Brian Ettling and Fred Miller present "How to Speak about Climate Change with Confidence" hosted by St. Louis University - AND teaching a 3-hour adult class on Climate Change at St. Louis Community College, October 13. 

Music: Jamie, performed live at KDHX by Yankee Racers

THANKS to Anna Holland, Earthworms Audio Engineer

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