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Dec 16, 2020

Earthworms On The Farm -  conversation series NEW for 2021! This periodic feature welcomes farmer participants in Known & Grown STL, a regional local-food certification program and brand from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment.      

First up: Crystal Stevens, whose Flourish farm is located near Godfrey...

Dec 16, 2020

Along the trail into a New Year, Terrain Magazine celebrates outdoor activity - and local faves - with 2021 Readers' Choice Awards.


Editor/publisher Brad Kovach shares the what-how-why of this specialized pub's success, promoting hiking, climbing, paddling, cycling and generally, actively enjoying NATURE. 


Dec 2, 2020

Back in Summer 2018, when Earthworms met Tim Kiefer and Beth Grolmes-Kiefer, they talked their dream of urban farming while their subscription compost collection service was taking off through St. Louis' central corridor.


FF toward end of '20 to hear how their Perennial City enterprise is now growing year-round....

Nov 3, 2020

When E.O. Wilson, one of the greatest biologists of all time, wrote his memoir Naturalist in 1994, could he have imagined his work illustrated to reach a 21st century visual audience? Today, he does!


KDHX host Jean Ponzi flips the cover with conversation and full-color VIEWS of the new graphic adaptation of...

Oct 13, 2020

Artists can see beauty in peril - so we can move beyond the grip of a problem like Plastic Pollution. Artist Jenny Kettler shows a way through in her photo exhibition Reclaiming Gaia, and this Earthworms conversation.


She shows plastic bags caught in bushes fluttering like tattered veils, a pregnant women...