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Follow-Up Earthworms Animal Tales: A Bear and An Owl

Jul 8, 2020

Earthworms remembers a great Great Horned Owl, Charles, whose hoots and habits enlivened conversations on KDHX with Mark H.X. Glenshaw, "the Owl Man of Forest Park." Mark informed readers of his Forest Park Owls blog on July 7, 2020, that he had not seen Charles in any of the habitats he observes since May 14. He has been observing Charles and his mates since 2005. Although Mark says it's possible Charles has relocated to an entirely new habitat, it is likely that he has died. 

                      Charles in the Nest Tree, 2013

Mark is a keen, respectful observer of owls, whoooo he comes to know and love. Earthworms honors this relationship passage!

And as we followed this summer's saga of Bruno, a black bear who walked from Wisconsin down into Missouri, we recalled our conversation  Bears! in July 2018 with Laura Conlee, State Furbearer Biologist for MO Dept of Conservation.


MDC Biologist Laura Conlee at work - Bruno in Missouri

Conlee was featured in news reports of MDC deciding to tranquilize Bruno and remove him to the safety of a bear-suitable habitat, after he got backed into a corner of suburban St. Louis roadways - with over 400 people watching him. Bruno became a media sensation. Conlee reminds us to Be Bear Aware - for our safety and especially for well being of the bears!