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Apr 2, 2019

American Hemp, the new book from Earthworms guest Jen Hobbs (Skyhorse Publishing, 2019), details "how growing our newest cash crop can improve our health, clean our environment, and slow climate change." 
Hobbs details these claims for a plant brought to North America by British colonists, banned and pressed into service and banned again, and now legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill. Its seeds are a superfood. Its stalks house you in "HempCrete." Its oil, the substance CBD, can calm anxiety, control seizures, and more.

With real potentials for this flowering plant to earn as much as $30K per acre, its story is growing fast.

Music: Washboard Suzie, performed live at KDHX by Zydeco Crawdaddies

Thanks to Andy Heaslet, Earthworms green-savvy audio engineer