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Feb 24, 2015


Laura Carroll, co-author and editor of the second edition of Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World, dissects the global population boom and what a lack of action could mean for the rest of our environment.

Feb 17, 2015


Lark Rodman discusses her community-building work with Sadhana Forest in India, Haiti, and Kenya. Sadhana Forest aims to help rural villages develop a more sustainable environment through methods like cultivating food forests and restoring stripped-down lands back to the thriving ecosystems they once were.

Feb 10, 2015


Mimo Davis, Miranda Duschack, and Stephanie Davis discuss raising flowers and plantlife in an urban environment, including the one-acre flower farm that they are currently raising in the Dutchtown neighborhood in South St. Louis.

Feb 3, 2015


Michael Sorth, Executive Director of Gateway Greening, discusses the rise of community gardens in St. Louis and making the practice more accessible with the upcoming Community Gardening Summit.

Feb 3, 2015


Robert Wintner, known as Snorkel Bob, discusses the subject of his new book Reef Libre: Cuba - The Last, Best Reefs In the World. Bob explains how Cuba's reefs are some of the very few reefs in the world left untouched by the outside world, and how we can protect this rare gem.