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Jul 17, 2023

St. Louis is the first U.S. city using the app Mosquito Alert,  developed in Barcelona, Spain, and in use across Europe. This Citizen Science project combines support for our Public Health pros with rich opportunities for eco-logical messaging:
We CAN Control the Pests AND Protect our Pollinators!


The Mosquito Alert STL project team is promoting use of this smartphone app around our community - and taking the work an important academic step further: researching the power of Citizen Science to boost the capacity of our Public Health agencies, as they work to track and control the kinds of mosquitos that carry serious diseases like West Nile and Zika virus.    

MASTL team members Jeanine Arrighi (St. Louis Academic Health), Alexis Bingham (SLU Masters candidate and MASTL student partner), and Dr. Ricardo Wray (Saint Louis University School of Health Communications and Social Justice) talk with Earthworms host (and fellow MASTL team partner) Jean Ponzi about this exciting, locally evolving work. 

Find Mosquito Alert STL resources online and read more about this project.  Download the Mosquito Alert app and join the SWAT Team! 

Learn more about the global value of Citizen Science in dealing with mosquito-born disease from the Wilson Center for Science (and in Earthworms' archived edition).

Thanks to Andy Heaslet, Earthworms audio engineer, and to KDHX Production Pro Jon Valley.

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