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May 10, 2017

Earth's atmosphere can safely sustain a concentration of 350 parts per million carbon dioxide (or less). That number, 350, now stands for the world-wide work of climate protection activists (, who also advocate for human stuff like a livable minimum wage - and for office-holders in accord with 350 goals.


350STL launched in November, 2016, on a wave of local affiliates to 350STL organizers John Shepherd, Stephanie Sturm-Smith and Elizabeth Ward talk with Earthworms host Jean Ponzi about this group's purpose and activities - most recently coordinating the April 29 Peoples Climate March in St. Louis - and about their personal motivations and experience doing this work. 

You'll hear a climate of thoughtful purpose, working toward local and global change.

Music: Butter, performed live at KDHX by Ian Ethan Case

THANKS to Andy Heaslet, Earthworms engineer

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