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Oct 12, 2023

St. Louis journalist Don Corrigan storms the American Popular Culture Association with his books exploring way more than journalistic topics - like ROAD KILL.


Corrigan's book American Roadkill: Animal Victims of our Busy Highways  is in the great animal rights tradition of Joseph Grinnell of the 1920s, who was alarmed at the animal carnage on America's new highways. Corrigan tells the squashed sad tales, and shares some positives:

• The Saint Louis Zoo enlisting “citizen scientists” to identify high casualty frog and turtle crossings.

• St. Louis Kinship Circle raising awareness of road accidents with pets and how to avoid such heartbreaking meet-ups with cars.

• Sierra Clubs of the southeast, championing endangered pumas.

• Possum Pouch Pickers, down south, rescuing baby possums from marsupial mothers mashed on roadways.

Don Corrigan is Editor Emeritus of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, a weekly newspaper for St. Louis suburban communities.

THANKS to Andy Heaslet, Earthworms audio engineer, and to KDHX production pundit Jon Valley.

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